Tour an alternate 21st century through six near-future fictions

Tour an alternate 21st century through six near-future fictions

Announcing the ebook release of my rare 2007 chapbook, An Alternate History of the 21st Century, which includes two original stories.  read

Please help me "Close the Book" on my memoir project!

My sixteen-year quest to publish my memoir The Accidental Terrorist is nearly over. I feel like I've been fighting my way down the field all that time, sometimes making progress, sometimes getting stopped cold, sometimes losing big ground. But now...  read

What David Mitchell is up to in “The Bone Clocks”

This post about The Bone Clocks contains mild spoilers. When grappling with works of genre fiction, most mainstream literary critics can be counted on to demonstrate a peculiar tone-deafness. Take the case of The New Yorker's James Woods, who calls...  read

Full chapbook cover

Mattias Adolfsson has posted his full original cover art for my upcoming chapbook in his blog: Great stuff! And John Klima has some nice things to say about both the art and the chapbook itself over at his blog. The...  read

Cast in cold type

I've sold a book! Well, half a book, anyway. A dark fantasy novella, to be precise. According to my records, it was over four years ago that Derryl Murphy dropped me a note that said: I've had this idea rattling...  read

Frey in hell

Yes, we all seem to be more up in arms today about James Frey and his partially made-up memoir than we are about domestic wiretaps, freedom of information in China, and terrorists taking power in Palestine. And it makes sense...  read

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