Sinister Regard : October 2007



I never forget a face. If I absolutely have to ice somebody, I always remember to take it with me.

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Judging from the traces they leave, people seem to be at their worst in public restrooms.

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Mission accomplished


By my count, by pursuing an ill-considered and illegal preemptive war, President Bush and his accomplice Congress have now murdered more Americans than the 9/11 terrorists did, not to mention the untold Iraqi civilian casualties. Congratulations, traitors, and God help us all.

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Never trust a librarian who marries a man who doesn't read.

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John the Baptist


Living on nothing but locusts and honey doesn't impress me. Try Sterno and cardboard sometime, chump!

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It sounds less like a genre of fiction and more like what happens when you fart and get more than you bargained for.

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Jesus saves


But even He's gonna weep fat baby tears if He doesn't also remember to back up.

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I have trouble sleeping while there are children starving in my city. Why can't they be quieter about it?

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Box office


Yes, I chose Bush over Gore, but I thought the question was late-night cable.

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Illiteracy campaign


Teach a child to read and that's just more royalties for Dr. Phil.

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